Who we are

Consulting Group LLC is an Azeri legal entity registered with the relevant authorities in February 2003 to provide long term support to clients by delivering tax and legal advisory services. We have got a team of talented specialists with wide experience of work in both the state authorities and professional services firms. The experience of the members of Consulting Group LLC allows us to stand for among the leading tax consulting and legal firms operating in Azerbaijan. The team of specialists provides high quality tax and legal advisory services in different sectors of economy addressing clients’ most critical challenges.

our advantages

Intimate knowledge of specifics

We know the market and its specifics better, and we can quickly mobilize proper resources and invaluable experience of work in the market.

Commitment to world standards

We are committed to high standards of work competitive with the big international advisory services firms.

World-Class local expertise

We have broad opportunities allowing us to undertake cost effective projects.

Team experience

During 2003-2011Consulting Group LLC was representing KPMG tax and legal practice in Azerbaijan. The team was rendering a wide range of advisory services to various KPMG global clients operating in Azerbaijan. During this period of time we were involved in implementation of numerous projects along with different KPMG offices (e.g., Kazakhstan, UK, Norway, Germany, Portugal, Netherlands, Ireland, Russia, Austria, Vietnam and etc). The projects included provision of tax due diligence, ongoing tax and other related consulting, compliance and other similar services to various multinational and local companies operating in different sectors of economy.